Latest BASA News

18-Jun-19 -
Finals series begin next week with games as follows...
B Grade - 5 v 6
A Grade #2 - 3 v 4
A Grade #1 - 1 v 2
Preliminary Final
B Grade - 7 v Loser of Semi
A Grade - Winner #2 v Loser #1
Grand Final
B Grade - Winner of Semi v Winner of Prelim
A Grade - Winner of #1 v Winner of Prelim

18-Jun-19 -

Hey Broomballers,

Our end of season presentation/AGM will be Friday 12th of July at the Hilton Hotel, Mile End at 6:30pm.

You'll have access to their bar and bistro menu which you can order from as you please and pay as you go.

Hope to see as many people out as we can, as always there will be a raffle so please bring some cash to support BASA.

Cheers 😁

05-Jun-19 -

Get away from the winter chills and join us in Darwin for some broomball in the top end.

We are still looking for those interested to join those who have booked and paid for their trip and make the weekend one where we have a lot of fun and play tourist all at the same time.

We shall play a modified game similar to the fast 4 we have run at Thebarton in the past so long runs up and down the ice is unknown.

Interested or know those who may be - let me know ASAP.



28-May-19 -

The season is again in full swing post Nationals. There are a few events coming up that all should consider. The first is the Darwin Cup to be held the weekend of July 19th - 21st. To those giving thought to attending I do need confirmation so costings can be assessed. Each team will get a visit from me tonight seeking those going.


The second is the Mixed nationals later in the year -17th - 21st October in Canberra. BASA will need as many as possible to attend so we can have 2 teams vie for the title of best in the country. More details will be forthcoming very soon but do not be shy and speak up so we know you will be part of the team..


This current season will climax with the finals series soon and the program of games will be posted very soon here on the web site so return regularly to get the latest news...



15-Apr-19 -
Broomball Nationals training tomorrow night will be a similar structure to the last week.
7:30pm-8:15pm Men have the whole ice to do as they please (drills/game plays/scratchie)
8:00pm-8:15pm Women's Whiteboard Session (please be ready to go as we will be going straight on the ice after)
8:15pm -8:40pm(ish) the Women will take one end of the ice for drills etc and the men can take the other half of the ice, I suggest maybe practice 1 on 1s with Steve in goals.
8:40pm-9:00pm the Women finish with a scratchie against what ever guys are happy to stick around for a last little run. We'll try fit in 2x10min halves for the girls.
As usual if you can bring a red, light and dark jersey, cyas there!