Latest BASA News

14-Feb-19 -
The Nationals Selection Committee has met and we would like to start arranging teams.
We need commitment now. All players need to register their details through their BASA members login - SA Sharks nomination
This will assist the committee to know players who are committed so Elite and Intermediate are accurately selected.
We also expect that all players will attend the Nationals training that we hold on Tuesdays from 19th March for 5 weeks.
Where: iceHQ - 1 Blake St, Reservoir VIC 3073
When: 24 - 27 April 2019
If you have any questions, please ask.
Christine Filsell
BASA Secretary

29-Jan-19 -

The committee have been  advised that there is a hockey tournement all next week. As a result of this we have been told we do not have our regular booked session (Tuesday 5th Feb) available to play broomball. 


We have also been asked to move our start time to 7:30pm to allow the pro team connected to the rink an hour for their practice. Therefore from the next game forward and until further notice all games will start 15 minutes later.


The schedule will be altered to reflect all the changes and we ask you check back to ensure of your teams game times.

21-Jan-19 -

Just a reminder that the 'No Pay - No Play' policy will be implemented starting tonight. List of those who need to either pay monies owed OR organise a payment plan with the Treasurer have been circulated over the past few weeks in the break. A final list went out today to all team captains.

15-Jan-19 -

The 2019 Summer Broomball season is set to kick off from 7:15pm next Tuesday 22nd January.  The schedule is now available on the website - please check your teams game & duty times.

Remember the BASA no pay - no play policy is being enforced this season - make sure you have registered to your team via the members portal AND paid all your outstanding fees or made arrangements with the treasurer.

There are again 7 teams entered so there will be 3 games per week and teams will have byes.

The season is two rotations, with a large break between rotations to allow for some rink upgrades that are scheduled to occur and Men's/Women's Competition + Training in the lead up to the 2019 Australian Championships. Details to follow.

Remember to sign up to the BASA Sharks team online if you would like to go to Nationals this year. You will need your BASA login for this. More info on the event can be found here

Good luck to all teams and players this season!

See you on the ice!

05-Jan-19 -
BASA can only survive financially providing our members meet their responsibility to pay all monies owed. In particular that owed from nationals (including 2017!)
Several attempts have been put in place to recover those monies and to date very few have paid up.
Therefore the committee has reluctantly put in place the decision that we need to now take the step where the policy 'No pay - No play' is enforced...
So until those outstanding monies are paid in full (or an agreement is in place with the BASA Treasurer) those members with outstanding debts will not be able to play.
A full list of those with the long outstanding debts has been sent to team captains for follow up.
Note the 2019 Summer season commences January 22nd.