Latest BASA News

04-Jul-22 - Presentation Night

Join us tomorrow night (July 5th) for our Mixed Summer 2022 presentation night. 7:30pm at The Mile End Hotel.

27-Jun-22 - Grand Final

Join us tomorrow night (June 28th) and enjoy the best of Broomball in South Australia!! Watch our top teams play off against each other to become the Mixed Summer 2022 champions.

24-May-22 - Tonights Games

Join us tonight (May 24th) at the IceArena for our next set of games for our Mixed Summer 2022 season.

20-May-22 - Referees night

Join us 7pm next Thursday (May 26th) in the party room for a referee’s night. We will be introducing a new tiered referrees program and covering the basic skills and requirements required to start referreeing. There will also be an oppurtunity to ask any questions you have around situations you may have encountered. We will end the night with a discussion around goaltenders and their specific rules. All referrees and goaltenders are highly encouraged to attend and this is great time for anyone looking to put on the black and white stripes to learn the ropes. Hope to see many of you there.

29-Apr-22 - Round 3 Postponed

The decision has been made to postpone round 3 of our Mixed Summer 2022 season for another week. We will be hosting a 1 hour drop in session this Tuesday(May 3rd) for those keen to play some Broomball. $20 per person.